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Some industries provide the backbone of Bermuda's infrastructure, producing energy, water and a sustainable lifestyle for us all.


But with this important responsibility comes a complex working environment, requiring the right tools. Mobile phones are dangerous when working with oil or gas, heavy plant machinery is louder than most speakers and the possibilities for incidents that may be harmful are always present.

TETRA was designed with the Utilities market in mind and the ECL Network is fully compliant with your needs. A range of handsets and accessories that make communication in important and hazardous environments easy. From specialized microphone and speaker systems that cut through the noise, toughened radios to withstand harsh environments, to an emergency activation system using a response button or the in-built gyroscope that automatically detects a "man-down" and alerts all users of the identity and exact GPS location of the incident.

Public Safety

Trusted by innumerous police forces throughout the world, our specialist TETRA communication solution provides highly secure voice and data encrypted communications, crystal clear coverage over 99% of Bermuda, and the ability to have instantaneous communication with other emergency services and civil protection agencies.

  • Mobile gateways 'go with you' to incidents, providing coverage even in dead spots.

  • Unique noise suppression gives crystal-clear audio and allows clear and uninterrupted communication - even over the sound of sirens.

  • Concurrent voice and data communications allow real-time information sharing with colleagues, the control room and other emergency services.

  • Apps give instant, secure access to multiple databases, combining concurrent query results in a single, concise response.

  • Rugged handsets are tough enough to withstand the direct impact of smoke, heat, water or dust.

  • The Man-Down feature, in combination with precise GPS location, permits swift despatch of backup to officers in distress.



It doesn't matter what industry you're in, from hotels to buses, taxis to construction, if you need a way to communicate with your staff, you need it safe, reliable and affordable.

ECL's network and recommended handsets are more durable, more reliable and have better coverage than any mobile phone, at a fraction of the monthly cost. Because of the unique way our network is designed, you'll be working even during the most extreme weather, long after the cellular networks have stopped, which is why emergency response organizations rely on us.

Legislation means that using a cell phone in a vehicle is illegal. Geography means that using other radio solutions won't allow you to communicate over the whole island, only the ECL TETRA network can truly offer a complete package, and the features are impressive.


Encryption, GPS, Text messaging, Phone calls, Group calls, Emergency and priority calling, long battery life, database query, multi media on colour screens, increased audio for noisy environments, 64Gbit memory cards, pager service - Just a selection of the features available now, most at no additional cost.